Where is my withdrawal?

What to do if you have not yet received your withdrawal

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Where is my withdrawal

Withdrawals are usually processed instantly, however some withdrawals require manual review by our 24/7 team.

You can check if your withdrawal requires a manual review by checking the status on your Withdrawals page. If this is the case, then you should open a live support ticket and we can look into this for you!

On the withdrawals page you can also click "View" on the withdrawal to view the transaction on the blockchain to check it's status.

Most of the time the withdrawals have been processed and it is just pending the confirmations for your receiving wallet to display it!

If your withdrawal is not showing on the blockchain when you click view after 15 minutes, feel free to contact our support team to get this checked out for you.

Can I cancel my withdrawal?

Unfortunately, once a withdrawal has been requested they can not be cancelled. This is due to them being processed instantly.

If a withdrawal is under review then this will be held until the review is completed and it will then be processed like normal, however it can not be cancelled.

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