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How do bonus balances work on Rollbit

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Bonus Balances

Bonus Balances can be earned in multiple different ways. The main ways are:

  • Winning the lottery as a team

  • Winning a Discord giveaway or Competition

Bonus Balance is credited to your account and you can activate it here, by entering an amount. To complete a Bonus Balance, you must wager it 5 times. Once it has been wagered 5 times, it can be transferred to your main balance.

If you fail to reach the wagering requirement, you will be able to close the Bonus Balance and activate more if you have any remaining!

Bonus Balance can only be used to play casino games, including Rollbit's house games like X-Roulette, but not Crypto Trading/Rollercoaster, Challenges, Bonus Battles & NFT Lootboxes.

There is a roughly 50% chance of completing the wagering amount depending on your gameplay style, however if you succeed you are expected to end up with 2x your initial bonus balance on average!

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