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How do I tip someone?
How do I tip someone?

How to tip someone

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How to tip another user

If you want to tip a user there's three ways that you can do this. The first method is to click on their name in chat which will bring up this box:

You then select the yellow "Tip" button, you then enter the amount you want to tip and, if applicable, your 2FA code. Then click "Send Tip".

You can also get this box to appear by typing /details USERNAME in the chat, this will bring the profile modal up so you can confirm it is the correct account, and then the process is the same.

The third way to tip someone is to type /tip USERNAME and this will open the tip modal up, but be sure to only use this method if you are certain that this is the correct username.

We recommend using the /details USERNAME method, as this means you can confirm the details of the account and ensure you are sending it to the correct player, as sometimes tips can not be reverted.

You can also hide a tip from the chat by selecting "Don't show tip in chat".

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