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How do referral balances work
How do referral balances work

How to create and close a referral balance

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What is a "Referral Balance"?

A referral balance is an additional balance within your account that uses a different referral code. This is so that you can have a different code to complete challenges on particular games.

You can create these balances on your "Balances" page, you simply Click "Create Referral Balance" enter an amount you want to add into the balance and the code you want to use, you then click "Create".

This will create the sub balance for you to play on, this will also give you a new seed!

How to top up a a Referral Balance

If you have been playing on a referral balance and you are getting low on funds you can click the grey money bag icon to top up the balance!

Once you have clicked this button then you will get a modal with a field to enter a value, once you type how much you want to add you can then click "Top-Up".

This will add the balance so you can continue playing under that code!

How to close a Referral Balance

To close a referral balance you simply click on the bin icon on the balance and this will close the balance out and add it back to your main balance.

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