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How to join a Bonus Battle
How to join a Bonus Battle

How to enter and play bonus battles

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What is a Bonus Battle?

A Bonus Battle pits players against each other in a tournament-style face-off! Two or more users will do a bonus buy on a particular game and the person with the biggest win takes all. In the event of a draw, a random winner is chosen!

How to join a Bonus Battle

To join a Bonus Battle, you select casino on the side bar, and then "Bonus Battles".

This will take you to the Bonus Battles page, here you will see the current available Bonus Battles. You can join one of these by clicking "Available to Join" and then you can click "Join For $X".

Once you get into the game you then select the buy size for the battle, and then purchase it. You then spin the bonus. Important: Please ensure you are buying the bonus feature and not attempting to spin the slot!

Once the bonus is completed you can click the yellow "Battle" button which will take you back to the Bonus Battle lobby, where you will wait for the results to come in. Once all players have completed the bonus buy, a 20-second countdown will begin and the winner will be revealed.

You can then see the results of all the bonuses in the Bonus Battle, and if you won you can claim your winnings, or close the balance if you lost.

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