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How to create a Bonus Battle
How to create a Bonus Battle

How to create a Bonus Battle

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How to create a Bonus Battle

To create a bonus battle you head to the Bonus Battles page under "Casino".

You then select the yellow "Create Battle" button in the top right of the page.

This will take you to the Bonus Battle creation page. You then select a game, this will then give you the drop down box to select the buy size of the Bonus Battle and the number of participants.

You then enter the details of the Bonus Battle that you want to create and select "Create Battle". This will post it to the Bonus Battles list, where other users can join the Bonus Battle to compete against you!

You can select to "Make this battle private", so people can only join via the link that is created. This is handy if you only want to play against your friends!

How to invite Rollbot

Every Bonus Battle creator has the ability to invite Rollbot. Rollbot guarantees another player for a Bonus Battle, anytime of the day.

Inviting Rollbot is available for any Bonus Battles $100 or more.

Once the parameters of your Bonus Battle have been set and you have created the Bonus Battle, you will then get an option to invite Rollbot to the Bonus Battle.

Rollbot is operated by a member of Rollbit's staff team. Generally, it will be the Chat Moderator or Support Team member that is on shift. Rollbit staff are available 24/7 and complete these very quickly!

Check out our detailed article about Bonus Battles.

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