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How do NFT loans work

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How to get a loan on your NFT

You can use your NFTs as collateral for 7-day loans with no fees or interest charged!

You can see if any of the NFTs in your portfolio are eligible to get a loan. If one of your NFTs is eligible for a NFT loan, you will be able to click the "Get $X Loan" button.

When you select "Get $X Loan" it will come up with the terms of your loan. You should read this to be sure you understand that your NFT will be lost if you fail to pay back the loan in time.

If you go ahead with the loan, your main balance will be updated. There are no restrictions on your loan balance and it can be withdrawn instantly.

How to pay back an NFT loan

To pay back an NFT loan you need to head to your loans page, on this page you will be able to see your current loans. You can then select the button to "Buy Back" which will instantly buy the NFT back for the same value of the loan, as long as you have the balance.

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