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Why is cashout not available
Why is cashout not available

Why cash out is sometimes not available

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What is a Cashout?

Rollbit offers you the chance to cash out partway through a bet before it has concluded. This means you can lock in profits or minimise your loss if you are feeling nervous about one of your selections!

Although cash-outs offer you the opportunity to close your bets early, it will be at lower odds than if you let the bet play out!

How to cash out

Cashing out is simple, just head to your "My Bets" page, and you can see the option "Cash out" if it is available for your selection.

Step 1. Head to "My Bets"

Step 2. Click "Cash out"

Why is cash out not available?

Cash-out is not always available in every market however you will be able to cash out on a large variety of different events.

Some of the common reasons for not being able to cash out are

  • Not available for all markets

  • The game is suspended or too close to concluding.

  • Live odds not currently being available for that market

  • Other technical issues

If cashout is not available due to a technical issue Rollbit is not responsible and all bets will be settled on the final result.

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