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Where to find my Ticket ID
Where to find my Ticket ID

Where to find your ticket ID and what it is used for

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What is a ticket ID

The ticket ID is what Rollbit uses to identify your bet. If you are having an issue with one of your bets you will need to provide this and a screenshot of the bet to our 24/7 Live Support.

How to find your ticket ID

All you have to do to find your ticket ID is go to your "My Bets" tab and copy it from the selection you require help with.

Step 1. From being on the sportsbook click the icon in the top right to go to your "My Bets" page.

Step 2. Find the bet that you have an issue with and click the copy icon next to the ticket ID.

Step 3. Send that to support so they can help you look into the issue.

When providing support with your ticket ID it is also helpful to include a screenshot of the bet, this helps us look into it quicker for you!

You can contact our Live Support here.

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